Lightening a Nonprofit’s Podcast Workload

At first, I was excited to hear that Josh, the Executive Director of the Echo Park Immigration Center (E.P.I.C.) in Los Angeles, CA, had developed a podcast.

But, it never got published.


Because Josh was trying to run the nonprofit with his two bare hands – that’s why.

So, together, we came up with a two-step, super-simple solution:

  • Horsey Sauce would clean up the video recordings.
  • Then, E.P.I.C. would add any extras and upload it to podcast hosting.

The result was quite tasty:

  1. Horsey Sauce turned around the recordings the same week that we received them.
  2. Our fee was just in the low hundreds (really).
  3. E.P.I.C. got the podcast finally published, with some of the best guests in their field – something to be proud of with their donors and supporters.

Interested in what Horsey Sauce can do for your organization?

Just contact me, James, right here.

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