Unstuck-ing a Nonprofit With WordPress

When Jenny, Co-founder of the West Virginia Faith Coalition, told me that her new initiative needed a landing page, I thought, “easy! I will make it on WordPress.”

Maybe she knew what was on my mind because, somehow, she let me know that she had this un-finished WordPress thing and was unsure about next steps.

So, whatever was on there just… stayed there.


Because who has time to learn all of this website stuff when the mission is to make the world better?

So, together, we came up with a two-step, super-simple solution:

  • Jenny would give us like a Word document of what she needed on the landing page
  • Then, Horsey Sauce would just make it according to that.

The result was quite tasty:

  1. Horsey Sauce put things together, just as requested – and smoothed out any bumps along the way.
  2. We worked out a fee that helped us both in terms of growth.
  3. And, the West Virginia Faith Coalition finally had a landing page to refer people to learn more.

Interested in what Horsey Sauce can do for your organization?

Just contact me, James, right here.

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